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Certified Teachers

Our program has created a list of certified teachers that you can find around the world. Click on the teacher and learn more about them and where they teach. We will update this list frequently to insure that you can find a teacher in the Luigi technique near you.

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Crystal Bartolacci has been dancing for over 5 decades. She is the owner, founder and director of Crystal's School
of Dance in Orwigsburg, PA since 1991. Being able to share her passion and knowledge of dance is an honor and a
joy. Crystal strives to not only teach the physical side of dance but to also incorporate dance’s rich history and make
sure the artists that have gone before us are not forgotten.

Crystal attended the PA Governor's School for the Arts in Jazz Dance on a full scholarship. She graduated summa
cum laude from Rutgers University, received her teacher certification through Albright College and is a certified
dance instructor through Dance Educators of America as well as a Luigi Certified Instructor (Levels 1-4).

Crystal believes strongly that a teacher never stops being a student. She is always continuing her education by
attending various dance classes, seminars, workshops, festivals and certifications throughout the country. Crystal
has studied with such notable master teachers as Joey Doucette, Gus Giordano, Chet Walker, Desmond Richardson,
Mia Michaels, Andy Blankenbuehler, Ayodele Casel, Shelley Oliver, Barbara Duffy, Germaine Salsberg, Dr. Henry
LeTang, Dr. Jimmy Slyde, Fernando Bujones, Dianne Walker, Jason Samuels Smith, Prince Spencer, Robert L.
Reed, Derrick Grant, Danny Daniels, Charles Kelly, Debbie Dee, Jo Rowan and many, many more.

Crystal is a founding member of the Lehigh Valley based tap company, Tap Ties. She has performed with and
taught for Tap Ties in many locations from New York City to San Antonio, Texas. Crystal is also a member of the
vintage dance troupe, The Magnolia Sadies, who perform in a variety of genres keeping traditional dance styles from
the 1920’s through 1960’s alive and thriving.

Crystal was an adjunct professor of dance at Penn State Schuylkill Campus where she not only taught a variety of
styles from jazz to hip hop but also choreographed for Penn State's productions of "Little Shop of Horrors" and "The
Wizard of Oz". Crystal has choreographed hundreds of pieces for her own studio, Tap Ties, Magnolia Sadies as
well as a variety of high school and dinner theatre productions. She also taught tap dance at Muhlenberg College
and was a Zumba Jammer who shared her choreography of Zumba routines in specialized Zumba Instructor only
sessions. She currently is certified in Zumba Fitness, Group Fitness and Barre Above.

Crystal is happy to be following her dance dreams and grateful to have the support of her family (husband, Tom, and
her children, Tyler, Kasey, Arianna and Sophia and her grandsons, Christian and Luca) as well as her friends.

Meche Meza, Teacher – Dancer – Producer – Choreographer – Artistic Director Originally from León, Gto. Mexico. Specializing in the official American legacies of Jazz Dance techniques and styles. Certified in the Gus GIORDANO technique by NGCP Nan Giordano Certification Program (Chicago 2019-2021) being the first Mexican and currently two nationally, Certified in the LUIGI technique by The official Luigi jazz Tecnique Teacher Certification Program online (2021-2022) being the only Mexican. Intensive training and training of the Matt Mattox techniques with Bob Boross, and the Bob Fosse technique, in New York including other specialized workshops for teachers (2008 to date). Teacher with more than 12 years of experience. In recent years he has focused particularly on researching jazz dance and the Broadway jazz style with the best Broadway choreographers. His training and training are mainly in these cradles of jazz dance periodically in prestigious schools for 14 years now. Workshops, seminars on Methodology for teaching jazz dance, anatomy, pedagogy and choreographic composition with recognized Mexican, Canadian and American teachers and artists. He has international studies and experience in Production. Diploma in Production and Stage Management and Workshop in Cultural Marketing. Ibero, Mex 2012. Diploma and International Certification in Show and Event Production UNLV, Las Vegas and Theater Production Xperiencemakers, NY 2023. Producer and choreographer in amateur musical theater projects, academic dance projects and professional and business formats. Among its productions, Glee the musical, Mamma Mía the musical (León, Gto) stand out. “Sin un Sentido” contemporary jazz ensemble, among others. 477 792-0461 @meche_jazzdance @mechmmg Promoter of dance training programs and support for dancers and students. Founder of the Be Dance dance academy for 10 years. Founder and director of BJX Dance Experience, a company that manages workshops and training courses for teachers and students. Creator of the network of jazz dance teachers in the Bajío area. His training and training also in the disciplines of Ballet (Rad and Cuban), Contemporary (Graham, Mixed and free), pilates, yoga. Nefertiti Gold Award 2015, the National Chamber of Women CANADEM, awarded this Award for the first time to more than twenty Guanajuato women for their career and work in different fields. From businesswomen, promoters of the culture and traditions of our State, founders of altruistic associations among others. Currently promoter and teacher of the legacies of jazz dance through different academic and performing projects and programs. She teaches workshops nationwide and has her studio specialized only in jazz dance. “Lover of jazz dance, of sharing, seeing smiles and making things happen”

“Never stop doing what you are passionate about to be happy and give the world your light and energy.”

Maria Forsman (Malmö/Sweden)


"The passion for dance, especially Jazz, ignited within me at a very early age. Since then, it has been the driving force and passion of my life. I have dedicated myself to teaching alongside working as a dancer and produced numerous dance performances over the years in Sweden. I have operated my own dance studios/schools for a total of 27 years, both in Sweden and Spain. 


Sharing this art form and passion and creating a dance community has brought me immense joy and fulfillment, along with blood, sweat, and tears :)

My journey with the Luigi technique began in 1979 at the Ballet Academy in Stockholm. Luigi's warm-up routine has been a constant part of my practice since then, albeit with some missing pieces. 


The Luigi Teacher Certification Program provided me with the final pieces, offering a deeper understanding and intricate details of the technique and style. 


I am now working at Danscentrum Syd, an organization for professional dancers and artists, as a Studio Coordinator. 

In the evenings and on weekends, I continue my mission to teach Jazz classes and the Luigi technique at various levels.


"To Dance is to Live.” ”Never stop moving”


Warm welcome! 

To get in touch:

Isabella Lorene, Director and Professor from: 

Bella Academia Mineira de Arte and Dance Counselor in Santa Luzia. 

She is a set designer, producer, researcher and has a degree in visual and performing arts from UFMG. 

With registration as Actress/Dancer DRT/SATED; Postgraduate in Dance and Body Awareness from Estácio de Sá and has participated in the Campaign for the Popularization of Theater and Dance/MG since 2012. This year the show “Elis 40 anos de Legado” debuted, which is touring the cities of MG. She is also the creator of the Santa Luzia Cultural Circuit. 

 She began her studies at Studio Mineiro de Dança and, as a teacher and professional dancer, at Harmonia Studio de Dança in Belo Horizonte. Today she is part of the team at Pás de Quatre Centro de Dança de Contagem and has participated in workshops, lectures and free training courses since 2007. She teaches Jazz, Luigi Technique and Acrodance courses, in addition to choreographing various events. 

 The only Brazilian graduated from “The Official Luigi Jazz Technique Teacher Certification Program”. 

 He seeks to improve and study annually through the International Jazz Dance Congress since 2011 and retrains in various courses across the country and in study groups taught by Marcela Benvegnu. She is a researcher in the History of Jazz and its various aspects and methodologies. In 2019 and 2020 she was in Los Angeles and New York taking more than 80 classes to keep her technique and artistic quality as a better and more updated teacher and dancer. 

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