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About Jazz Dance Legacy

The Luigi Jazz Technique Teacher Certification Program of study is designed to maintain the integrity of the Luigi Jazz Dance Technique, The Luigi Jazz Dance Technique is the first Jazz technique instructed as a form of Jazz Technique worldwide, and was created by the famed Eugene “Luigi” Facciutto. The certification of qualified dance teachers will enable the Luigi Jazz Technique to be preserved as a structured and developmental training method for Jazz Dance. Through this certification process, qualified dance instructors will be able to teach the Luigi Jazz technique with the full backing and authority of the qualified instructors trained by Luigi, Luigi Protégé, Joey Doucette, a staff of Luigi teachers and a panel of teachers who studied, and/or taught with Luigi. Certification will be granted and presented to dance instructors who have successfully completed all requirements set forth by the Luigi’s protégés, who have been deemed qualified to carry on his work. A portion of the proceeds from tuitions paid will go to the scholarship fund for dancers who strive to excel in the art of jazz dance. Instructor materials will be available to participating certification candidate teachers by the Luigi Jazz Technique Teacher Certification Program.

The Program is based on the evolution of the Luigi Jazz technique which spans over 60 years. We have structured a system of teaching his technique with all aspects of his warm up through those years. A style class, beginning, adv. beginning, intermediate and advanced, using exercises from the beginning as well as from 1950’s, 60’s,70’s, 80’s 90’s and 2000’s. 

We have formed a 4-week program as follows: See Program Outline page

Jazz Locked 4th position
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