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Be Part of The Legacy!


Hear from the teachers that have participated in

the Official Luigi Jazz Technique Teacher Certification Program. 


"Thrilled! My first certification in Luigi jazz! This has been such a rewarding experience with people who are super supportive and who deeply care about passing on the Luigi Legacy!

Such a thorough and detailed program that I know once finished, I'll have an understanding of Luigi and be able to teach Luigi jazz with integrity."

Sharise Parviz, California, USA

"Truly amazing three weeks!! I am so grateful and happy for this opportunity. Such a brilliant team sharing their knowledge of this wonderful technique that is timeless. Proud to be part of Luigi's Legacy. Thank you Joey! Thank you all!!! 

Maria Forsman, Sweden

"It is such an honor and pleasure to learn Luigi's technique from Joey(Doucette) and the Jazz Dance Legacy team. They are so knowledgeable and careful in preserving and sharing Luigi's work and passing on his essence as well as his technique."

Crystal Bartolacci, Pennsylvania, USA

"Thank you so much for this class and for your trust! It was a lot of learning, you are amazing! I'm already waiting for level 4!

Leticia Oliveira, Brazil

"I had a great time, can't wait for level 4!!!! It is amazing that you guys are sharing the technique so his legacy lives on."

Aubrey Corkum, Florida

"Joey Doucette is a fantastic dance teacher! I did a week long (Luigi Jazz Technique Teacher Certification) program with Jazz Dance Legacy and loved every minute of it."

Sylvia Niemann, New York City, New York, USA

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