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The Panel

The Panel is a group of professionals in the Jazz dance form. They are the overseers of the information that is written and photographed.  All the materials for each given Jazz technique has it's own panel of professionals. The panel comes together to see and hear the information and to approve of it's authenticity and placement in the programs. All information on each technique must be approved by the panel before being set forth into the certified programs.

Luigi  Technique Panel

*Rhett Dennis                   


*Ronnie DeMarco              

*Patrick Adiarte

*Sheila Tucker Forbes        

*Nicole François

*Harriet Wilson                 

*William Waldinger           

*David Wynen

*Rona Kaye                       

*Judy Krantz

*Irene Miller                     

*Dr. Jeff Miller

*Roberta Raymond            

*Patrick Campbell

*Tammy O'Hara               


*Timothy Foster                

*Nikki Foster

Photos by Milton Oleaga

Photos by Milton Oleaga

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